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Wonderfully Illustrated Book  About the Unique Bond Between Twins

 "Through the wonderful words of Kim Gosselin, herself a grandmother of twins, and the exceptional illustrations of Alisa Belzil; you'll follow these two individual babies who form an unbreakable bond in the womb. That bond is continued as they enter into the world and it is hoped that their adventure continues as they enter their adorable twos. This book would be perfect for any family with twins on the way or already making their presence felt. Great for parents, grandparents and sisters and brothers who are eagerly awaiting their  new siblings arrival. Lovely book!" 

Babies of Two, written by Kim Gosselin and illustrated by Alisa Belzil, is a delightful peek into the wonders of life as seen by a set of twin girls, Mollie and Maddie, just as they are about to make the transition from their mom's womb to the outside world. I love that the wondrous bond they share is a celebrated and presented in a fashion that would help a young child understand what is going on. The beautiful illustrations and poetic license that glosses over the challenges of sharing such a small space and delivering two new beings into the world makes this a great book for sharing with children and a lovely celebration for the miracle of twins. 

Five Stars!

Kim Gosselin Has Done It Again

" Kim Gosselin has once again written a lovely story as told through the eyes of children. In this book, the 'eyes' are of baby twins, about to be born. Kim's kind, funny, and gentle words are spot on as she describes how babies are about to come into the world. Kim has a unique, and special way of reaching readers of all ages. This book is perfect for mothers, fathers or grandparent and sisters and brothers too!"

​​​​​Five Stars!

A Sweet Story, Beautifully Told

"What a sweet story beautifully told with lovely illustrations! An adorable peek at birth from the perspective of twins. This book will charm all who read it!"

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Susan Heim on Parenting

"I am the mother of twin boys, so it was fun to take a peek inside the womb once again to imagine the crowded world of twins! This book is unique because it's told from the perspective of the babies who are about to be born and finally arrive in their parents' arms at the end of the story. Reading Babies of Two is a wonderful way to share the upcoming birth of  twin siblings  with an older brother or sister. It shows what the experience must be like for the babies, as well as for the mother who must go to the hospital when it's time for their delivery. With its charming illustrations by Alisa Belzil and joyful text, Babies of Two  will delight both children and their parents.

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Five Stars! Very Cute Story About Birth!


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Wonderfully Written with Beautiful Illustrations

"I think the dialogue is really clever and I love the touches between Mama and Daddy." Excerpt from Book Review by Richie Williams of St. Louis Dads. 3/30/16  Click below to see full review!

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I could not help but smile while  reading this book. The pictures were cute and I could almost hear the voices of the children saying the words. As a mother, I know what the experience of pregnancy and childbirth is like. However, I do not know what it's like to have twins, or what goes on with twins in the belly. This story would be great to help teach young children about the birth of babies and even better for twins!

"Everything in life responds to the song of the heart."  Earnest Holmes 

Babies of Two, Book Reviews

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Five Stars!

Approved by Baby 'Ivy!'

Kim does it again by putting a unique twist on a sometimes a difficult subject. The story flows in a poetic form that holds a child's attention beautifully. The story speaks in the voices of unborn twins, a unique depiction of childbirth tastefully portrayed. It is with Ivy's seal of approval that I say....A fab book that will be enjoyed by all who read it including potential siblings of twins or any child who enjoys reading or looking at beautiful pictures. It covers both the entertainment value and the educational.

Seen through the eyes of yet-to-be-born twins, the book efficiently captures the essence of unsullied naturalness. When most books regarding this topic focus on the condition of the mother, this book deviates from the course and shows us two wigging infants in a mother's womb, who are aware of each other even before their birth. Here, the everlasting and unique bond of twins is showcased with such love and adoration that it leaves a strong essence in their reader's heart.

Adhering to the story is one of he most important aspects of the tale, the marvelous paintings of the picture book Visualized as works of art pertaining to the young minds, Alisa Belzil has used her apparent talent of water colors to brush the surgaces of juveniles.

Written in rhyming couplet manner, this book thrives in striking a dissonant harmony to glimpse in lives of twins, with a hopeful yearning at it's crescendo. Starting from tiny tots, to book lover, to expecting mothers, or grandmothers and anybody interested to shed the ponderous responsibilities of adulthood-This book is A Must Pick!

Five Stars! Charming!

Five STARS! 

An Adoring Glimpse Into the Unblemished World of Neonate Twins

Kim Gosselin's 'Babies of Two' can be considered as a significant work which not only succeeds in bravely taking up the taboo subjects of pregnancy and birth, but also in delivering them with a mellow undertone to maintain the veil of innocence in guileless minds.